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Windows 98SE USB Mass Storage Device Drivers


These drivers offer generic USB mass storage support for Windows 98SE. You should check your version of Windows 98 before installing. Once installed USB mass storage devices should work within Windows 98. Only install these drivers on Windows 98SE where Mass Storage Devices are not working.

Version 3 of the drivers includes generic USB 2.0 controller drivers adding USB 2.0 support for computers that support it.

To install the drivers

Version 3.x

  1. Download the exe file to the desktop
  2. Remove ALL drivers for USB flash drives in Device Manager
  3. Remove ALL drivers for any USB 2.0 controllers (many have an uninstall option)
  4. Remove ALL unknown devices from Device Manager
  5. Run the exe file you downloaded, and follow the instructions, rebooting after installation
  6. When the computer boots up again, it may detect new USB 2.0 controllers, in which case you may need to reboot again

Version 2.x

  1. Download the exe file to the desktop
  2. Remove ALL drivers for USB flash drives in Device Manager
  3. Remove ALL unknown devices from Device Manager
  4. Run the exe file you downloaded, and follow the instructions, rebooting after installation


You should note, that these drivers are generic, and they may not work with some devices. It is also only intended for the English version of Windows 98SE, although there are some other language versions below. Installing on the wrong version of Windows may cause problems with your operating system. There is no guarantee that they will work with your device, but our experience shows that they work with most without problem.

Please also note that these drivers are not warranted in any way, and no support is offered for them; you use at your own risk. As a precaution, whenever making changes to your operating system, we recommend you do a full system backup. If you do experience any problems, you can always try asking in our forum.


The drivers can be downloaded from the following link:

Windows 98 SE Generic USB Mass Storage Device Drivers v3.3 - nusb33e.exe

Other Versions

Latest Language Versions Older Versions
Version 3.3a Czechcz nusb33a_cs.exe
Version 3.3 Englishen nusb33e.exe
Version 3.3 Frenchfr nusb33f.exe
Version 3.3 Germande nusb33d.exe
Version 3.3 Japanesejp nusb33j.exe
Version 3.3 Russianru nusb33r.exe
Version 3.3 Spanishes nusb33es.exe
Version 3.1 Danishdk nusb31da.exe
Version 3.1 Italian it nusb31i.exe
Version 2.2.1 Sloveniansi nu221slo.exe

Version 3.3 Czechnusb33cs.exe
Version 3.2 Czechnusb32cs.exe
Version 3.2 Englishnusb32e.exe
Version 3.2 Frenchnusb32f.exe
Version 3.2 Germannusb32d.exe
Version 3.2 Russiannusb32r.exe
Version 3.1.1 English Updatenusb311e_upd.exe
Version 3.1 Czechnusb31cs.exe
Version 3.1 Englishnusb31e.exe
Version 3.1 Frenchnusb31f.exe
Version 3.1 Germannusb31d.exe
Version 3.1 Russiannusb31r.exe
Version 3.0.1 Italiannusb301i.exe
Version 3.0 Czechnusb30cs.exe
Version 3.0 Danishnusb30da.exe
Version 3.0 Englishnusb30e.exe
Version 3.0 Frenchnusb30f.exe
Version 3.0 Germannusb30d.exe
Version 3.0 Italiannusb30i.exe
Version 3.0 Russiannusb30r.exe
Version 2.4 Englishnusb24e.exe
Version 2.4 Russiannusb24r.exe
Version 2.3 Englishnusb23e.exe
Version 2.3 Germannusb23d.exe
Version 2.3 Italiannusb23i.exe
Version 2.3 Russiannusb23r.exe
Version 2.2.1 Czechnusb221cs.exe
Version 2.2.1 Danishnusb221da.exe
Version 2.2.1 English
Version 2.2 Englishnusb22e.exe
Version 2.2 Germannusb22d.exe
Version 2.2 Russiannusb22r.exe
Version 2.1 Englishnusb21e.exe
Version 2.1 Russiannusb21r.exe
Version 2.0 Englishnusb20e.exe
Version 2.0 Russiannusb20r.exe

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These drivers have been written by Maximus Decim. Many thanks to him for the drivers and permission to distribute them.