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Sleep not Working on Windows Vista Power Options



Windows Vista incorporates Power Plans that enable you to set the amount of idle time before certain power saving features automatically kick in. The two main features are turning off the monitor, and putting the system to sleep. Some people have found that their systems refuse to go in to standby when this feature is set.

The usual reason for this issue is down to the advanced settings. One of the advanced options that can be set is to disable shutting down when media is being shared.

Media Sharing is a feature of Windows Vista that allows you to share media with other devices on your local network. This feature can be very useful, allowing you to play media from one PC on another, however by default if media sharing is enabled, then your PC will not automatically go to sleep, as if it is asleep it will be unable to share media with other devices.


Advanced Power Options

In order to allow your computer to automatically go to sleep if it is left idle, you can explicitly allow it to go to sleep when sharing media. You should note though that if you are trying to access media on this system when it goes to sleep, you will no longer be able to. If you are happy to do this, then you should do the following:

  1. Open Power Options in Control Panel
  2. Click on Change plan settings below the power plan that you use
  3. Click on Change advanced power settings
  4. Click the + next to Multimedia settings
  5. Click the + next to When sharing media
  6. Change the setting to Allow the computer to sleep
  7. Click OK then Save changes

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