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Quick Fixes For DLL Application Errors


Computer application errors are a fairly common category of errors that disrupt the normal functioning of a computer. As compared to hardware and human errors, these application errors are more prevalent because of the sheer number of files that are required to run any application. The good news is that unlike other errors, application errors can be quickly fixed if you follow a methodical approach of troubleshooting them.

One such error that frustrates computer users across the world is DLL application errors. These errors can occur due to problems in any of the thousands of DLL files or Dynamic Link Library files that form an important part of your Windows operating system. DLL files are common files that are shared by different applications. These files are created as part of a common library to accomplish general functions and can be called by any program. They help save precious memory and hard disk space and enable applications to run faster.

Examples of some of the dll files are: xpcom_core.dll (associated with Mozilla Firefox) and hcwutl32.dll (required in installation of applications by Hauppauge Computer Works).

The reasons why your computer encounters DLL errors can be categorized into three main categories:

  1. Software related errors. These can occur, if:
    1. DLL file is removed by mistake
    2. DLL file becomes corrupt
    3. Working DLL file is overwritten by a bad one
    4. Conflict between two DLL files
  2. Malware infections like virus and spyware
  3. Driver problem or Hardware malfunctioning
  4. Incorrect uninstallation

For example, if you get the error "tai2.dll not found error" chances are that you did not uninstall the application AOL Topspeed Application Interface properly.

Given below are the steps that will ensure that DLL application errors your computer encounters are fixed quickly:

  1. For DLL errors that are related to software problems, the first solution is to try to restore the DLL file by replacing the corrupt file with a working file. In case the file is missing then you only need to store the working file in the correct folder.
  2. If the error originated during an installation process, you may need to uninstall a program to see if the error vanishes on its own.
  3. For DLL errors that originate from malware infections, you need to scan your computer thoroughly and get rid of virus and spyware programs that are hiding inside your system. Removal of malware may solve the DLL problems associated with it.
  4. For driver issues and hardware problems, you can take the assistance of various online and offline computer diagnostic tools that will help you identify the missing or corrupt drivers.
  5. Finally, you need to ensure that these errors are not only removed superficially but also completely eliminated from your system. This can be achieved by using an automatic Windows registry cleaning software which uses advanced algorithms to identify problem areas in the registry and repair them instantly.

Although DLL errors are nothing to be scared of and can be fixed by following the above tips, it is always better to prevent such errors by adopting safe and defensive computing techniques in the first place.

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