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Quick Fixes for Common PC Problems


What can you do to get rid of common Window errors?

This article aims to teach Windows users how to easily fix common DLL errors, such as msvcp71.dll, missing hal.dll, and advrcntr3.dll errors on their own and reduce their dependency on computer experts.


Run a malware scan

Is my computer secure? This is the first question you need to ask yourself when you find your screen besieged with random DLL errors.

Malware programs, if present on your computer, can create havoc on your system by causing various errors. Before things get out of hand, you are advised to take charge of the situation and remove threats from your computer.

To determine this run a malware scan on your computer using an advanced antimalware tool. To be on the safe side run the malware scan twice to ensure that no present threat escapes detection.


Update your files

Are my Windows, software, and driver files up-to-date? This is the next question you need to answer.

The use of outdated files doesn’t spell good news for your computer’s security and its overall performance. If you are not sure on how to update your files, see the steps listed below:

Enable the built-in Automatic Update feature – The Automatic Update feature has been an integral part of Windows operating systems since the Windows ME (Millennium) edition. To have new Windows updates automatically installed on your computer, ensure that this feature is enabled.

Manually update various software – Some software, such as Antivirus tools, come with a built-in update feature. Use this feature to update your software. For other software that don’t include such a feature, you need to make efforts and install the latest updates manually by visiting the software manufacturer’s website.

Third-party driver update tool – This is a useful utility that allows you to prevent and fix problems related to outdated drivers. Invest a little money in buying a reliable driver-update tool to have your drivers automatically updated, as soon as new updates are released by their manufacturers.

Clean your registry

Is my Windows registry compact and healthy? That is the third and last question (but equally important as the two above) that you need to take care of to fix and get rid of recurring DLL issues, such as msvcp71.dll, missing hal.dll, and advrcntr3.dll errors.

How do I clean my registry? Cleaning the registry manually, due to its complex nature, is just beyond the scope of an average computer user (and for that matter, of so-called Windows experts). You should opt for a reliable third-party registry maintenance software for cleaning the registry and fixing various issues that plague it.

Use a reliable registry cleaning tool to clean your registry and keep it error free.

Make use of the steps mentioned in this article to fix DLL errors and keep them miles away from your computer.

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