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Get your article published and earn money!


We are looking for people like you who can write content for our site. In return we you will be able to earn monthly income from every article published.

How does it work?

You create the content, post a summary of it in our Tutorial section of the Forums. Email us, and state that you are interested in having the article on our main site, Ė donít forget to provide a link to the forum post. We will then review the content, and if we think it is promising, we will liaise with you to get a final version for publication. We will also request your Google Adsense publisher ID so you can benefit from advertising on the page.

What type of articles can I submit?

We will only accept PC Support related articles, and only ones that offer something different to our current articles.

I have articles on other websites, can I use these?

No. By publishing your articles on you agree to give us exclusive publishing rights. If we find that the articles are published elsewhere, we will not publish it, or if it is already published we will remove your article after giving you the opportunity to remove the copy.

Can I use the articles to link to my website?

Links in the articles should only be to relevant sites. Other links will be stripped out. There will however be a link to your forum profile, from where you can have a link to your site.

How much money will I earn?

One Adsense ad unit will be assigned to you on the page. It will depend on the traffic the page receives and the number of clicks on the adverts to how much money you will make, however you will continue to earn as long as the page is there and people are visiting it.

What is Adsense and how do I get it?

Adsense is targeted advertising on a webpage. Depending on the adverts that are shown, you can earn for page impressions or for clicks on the adverts. Adsense is run by Google, and is considered to be one of the most reputable advertising schemes. If you do not have an Adsense account, click here to sign up.

How can I make my article earn even more money?

The basic rule is the more people who view the article, the more money you will make. Our site gets thousands of visitors every day, but that does not mean that they will come to your page. You should promote you page elsewhere by providing links to it from relevant places, such as forums and blogs. We may also promote your article to help drive traffic.

Will my article be there for ever?

At this stage we have no plans to remove articles that are published. However, we may decide in the future that some articles are not worth keeping, in which case you will be notified and the article removed. We will also remove articles that also exist elsewhere. We reserve the right to remove any article for any reason. If you want your article removing, then we will oblige at your request.

Why should I submit to this site rather than an article directory?

Article directories donít generally allow you to have your own advert in it, so you are not able to generate income directly from it.

Why canít I post my article elsewhere?

It may seem a little unfair that we demand exclusive publishing rights, however search engines penalise pages with duplicate content, so this will reduce the volume of traffic to the page. In order to maximise the traffic, and your income, we insist that the content is unique.

What if someone copies my article and publishes it elsewhere?

You wrote the article, and you own the copyright on it. If someone else copies it, then you should demand the site that it is published on removes it. If we discover your article has been published elsewhere we will notify you and ask you to take steps to have it removed.

I published an article, but it is not in the Google listings

New web pages can take a while to appear in the search engine listings. This site is spidered by Google almost daily, but new pages still can take a week or more to appear in the listings.

How can I tell how many people are visiting my article?

You can see from the Adsense reports how many page impressions your adverts have. We allow you to specify a channel that can be specific to each article you submit to enable you to track how many people visit your article.